One Over Four Music Streamer

Sounds good

Role: Electronics, Design, Programming

Client: Personal Project

Year: 2022

I've recently upgraded my setup with a Raspberry Pi 4B, a power purifier hat, and an ES9038Q2M DAC with an 8" touch screen. While the new configuration is slightly taller, measuring 5.5cm instead of the original 4cm, I'm excited about the improved performance and functionality.

Features: Local network file or airplay streaming, displaying the currently playing song or system information on the OLED, turning on the VU meter unit, retrieving the cover art online, and combining it into a poster to display on the Meural digital frame.

Using a Raspberry Pi 3B with a high-quality DAC hat for hi-res audio output up to 512kb 32Bit. Recently, I upgraded to a Pi 4B and added an 8" touch screen for control and cover art display.

Without an electronics engineering background, I had to start with small steps such as case design, component sourcing, soldering (and occasionally burning :D), Python programming, and interface design for the OLED control ... to logo and sticker design that I am familiar with. Despite the challenges, it is a lot of fun to put all of these elements together!